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We are Authorised iBurst Distributors.

Specialising in Signal testing and installations.
Call us for all your queries, and within 48 hours you will have fast, reliable broadband internet.

What is iBurst?

iBurst is 100% Fast, Mobile, Broadband internet.

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iBurst Features and Benefits...
 Feature Benefit
Speed Up to 1 MB/S (100KB/S)Users can recover time that
would normally have been spent
waiting for data to transfer. This
could either be used to get more
work done or gain more leisure
AccessWide area wireless access means that
access is available wherever the user
needs it.
There is no need for the user to
seek out a location or wait until
they go to somewhere with
connectivity to do what they want
to do.
CapacityUnique spatial processing feature
allows multiple re-use of the same
spectrum yielding exceptional capacity
from just 5 MHz of spectrum.
The user is more likely to have
access to all the bandwidth they
need without having to be slowed
down by other users.
AvailabilityAlways on connectivitySecure and immediate access to
the Internet and corporate
services "wherever you are,
whenever you want".
SimplicityThe service is fully compatible with
existing laptops, PDA's and desktop
computers - no upgrades or new
devices required.
The user can be confident that
installation will be easy, quick
and not harm their computer
SecurityMany characteristics of the iBurst
service combine to make it more
secure than existing wireless delivery
modes including the directionality of
the signal as well as extensive
encryption of the data transferred.
The user can carry out
confidential activities such as
banking transactions, carry on
business in sensitive areas such as
health, etc. confident that the data
being transferred is secure.
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